All About time

All about time

I obsess over the shedding of hair. The loss of what makes us unique, individual, what dresses us in nakedness, what carries our genetic code and exceptionality - the ornament of excellence.

During the quarantine, I collect the material that comes out of me. I weave it together and create a mask that will allow me to save myself from the inside.

Going into isolation and distancing myself from society, I was forced to create a new shelter, a rite of passage to survive the uncertainty of tomorrow. The future in a state of pause but, the flow of loss does not stop - it is redirected, redefined, repurposed.

I have collected the material of our individuality and identity, weaving together hair by hair and creating the strongest of shields. An homage to what has been lost, but also a reflection on self-preservation.


human hair / gold plated thread


Filippo Romanelli