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Santiago- Chile - 1984
María Ignacia Walker obtained her first degree in Art Direction at Universidad del Desarrollo, Chile, 2007. In October 2015 she graduated from an MFA in Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery School, Florence. She is based in Florence, Italy where she works as independent artist.

In 2018 she was welcomed into Khio, Oslo National Academy of Art in Oslo, Norway for a special artist in residency programme.

While working on her personal projects Maria likes to share her knowledge by giving lectures and workshops. She has taught in Florence, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Santiago de Chile.

About my work;

My artistic realization finds its shape in Wearable Art.

I am obsessed with the human body, its changes over time, bodily losses and renewal. My work is the result of a dialogue with my body, created from the interaction with objects, amulets, installations and performances.

My pieces of art are objects that quietly give honor to the dead parts of the body, scenes of which we are protagonists every day, and we don´t realize. That’s the thread that connects my entire line of work.

In the three most significant collections of my work, Neltume”(2014), “Trascendieron”(2015) and “Flor de Piel”(2017), I have researched deeply in human body and its rituals, considering the past and the present of them, defining and articulating their actions, mainly involuntary ones.