From Memory

From Memory

The fragility of memories has been the subject of countless theoretical and scientific studies. Like stormy clouds limiting a comprehensive understanding
of phenomena, memories are intricate, mysterious and evoked differently every time. Each processed memory, becoming distorted or manipulated to fit what we interpret from the reality.

Collecting, cataloging, storing, retrieving and repeating life experiences are concepts that María Ignacia Walker links to memory. As a result of such reflections, she created “From Memory”, a series of figurative copper and silver pieces forged and reconstructed through an uncontrolled hight voltages electroforming process. Faces, the most memorable feature of a person, depicted through endless repetition until they are distorted, losing details, and gradually deteriorating their structure. In a pulsating and constant exploration, María Ignacia Walker explores and tries to relive her own memories through features that are increasingly blurry but become tangible in her quest to find different methods of capturing them.

Face by face, memory by memory, until they become murky masses. Although they still have some expressive features, they cancel each other out, whilst strengthening the confusing and complexity of the process.


Elisa Massardo

translation of Sana Khalil


copper / silver / rubies / textile / gold plated / steel


Simon Contreras