The record of a day of loss

The record of a day of loss

The obsession: losing them, collecting them, ordering them, measuring them and archiving them.

Inside of the 18 Test Tubes we can see the passing of this day and all the lost moments get captured inside of this tube as a scientific methodology. The Couples are composed of one tube that its the real archive of lost hair and a second tube that underlines the loss copying every hair in gold thread, maintaining its dimension.

Test Tube Nº1
Quantity: 4 hairs
Place: bed sheets
Hour: 7:45 am
Hair length: 1.580 mm
Au length: 1.580 mm
Test Tube Nº2
Quantity: 44 hairs
Place: hairbrush
Hour: 8:00 am
Hair length: 12.210 mm
Au length: 12.210 mm
Test Tube Nº3
Quantity: 35 hairs
Place: shower
Hour: 8:03 am
Hair length: 10.530 mm
Au length: 10.530 mm
Test Tube Nº4
Quantity: 5 hairs
Place: bathroom floor
Hour: 8:16 am
Hair length: 1.680 mm
Au length: 1.680 mm
Test Tube Nº5
Quantity: 10 hairs
Place: on my hands while drying my hair
Hour: 8:19 am
Hair length: 4.150 mm
Au length: 4.150 mm
Test Tube Nº6
Quantity: 2 hairs
Place: on my dress
Hour: 9:00 am
Hair length: 710 mm
Au length: 710 mm
Test Tube Nº7
Quantity: 1 hair
Place: computer keyboard
Hour: 9:25 am
Hair length: 300 mm
Au length: 300 mm
Test Tube Nº8
Quantity: 1 hair
Place: on my sweater
Hour: 10:15 am
Hair length: 450 mm
Au length: 450 mm
Test Tube Nº9
Quantity: 1 hair
Place: between the coins while buying a coffe
Hour: 11 am
Hair length: 120 mm
Au length: 120 mm
Test Tube Nº10
Quantity: 2 hairs
Place: between my fingers, while caressing my hair during thinking
Hour: 12:13 am
Hair length: 820 mm
Au length: 820 mm
Test Tube Nº11
Quantity: 5 hairs
Place: hair rubber band
Hair length: 540 mm
Au length: 540 mm
Test Tube Nº12
Quantity: 1 hair
Place: on my desk
Hour:2:05 pm
Hair length: 460 mm
Au length: 460 mm
Test Tube Nº13
Quantity: 2 hairs
Place: on the carpet
Hour: 2:49 pm
Hair length: 750 mm
Au length: 750 mm
Test Tube Nº14
Quantity: 2 hairs
Place: in my bag
Hour: 4:14 pm
Hair length: 810 mm
Au length: 810 mm
Test Tube Nº15
Quantity: 1 hairs
Place: between my pencils
Hour: 6:10 pm
Hair length: 520 mm
Au length: 520 mm
Test Tube Nº16
Quantity: 1 hair
Place: on the kitchen table
Hour: 8:10 pm
Hair length: 560 mm
Au length: 560 mm
Test Tube Nº17
Quantity: 10 hairs
Place: on the broom after sweeping the floor
Hour: 8:45 pm
Hair length: 4.620 mm
Au length: 4.620 mm
Test Tube Nº18
Quantity: 3 hairs
Place: in my bed
Hour: 11:12 pm
Hair length: 1.320 mm
Au length: 1.320 mm


Test tube / gold thread / human hair


Marcos Bucco / Lucy Clark Plato