25 / 11 / 2014

The record of a day of loss
Marcos Bucco / Silvano Di Geronimo / Aleksandra Trajkovi

25 / 11 / 2014

The record of a day of loss
Test Tube Nº1
Quantity: 4 hairs
Place: bed sheets
Hour: 7:45 am
Hair length: 1.580 mm
Au length: 1.580 mm

Test Tube Nº2
Quantity: 44 hairs
Place: hairbrush
Hour: 8:00 am
Hair length: 12.210 mm
Au length: 12.210 mm

Test Tube Nº3
Quantity: 35 hairs
Place: shower
Hour: 8:03 am
Hair length: 10.530 mm
Au length: 10.530 mm

Test Tube Nº4
Quantity: 5 hairs
Place: bathroom floor
Hour: 8:16 am
Hair length: 1.680 mm
Au length: 1.680 mm

Test Tube Nº5
Quantity: 10 hairs
Place: on my hands while drying my hair
Hour: 8:19 am
Hair length: 4.150 mm
Au length: 4.150 mm
Test Tube Nº6
Quantity: 2 hairs
Place: on my dress
Hour: 9:00 am
Hair length: 710 mm
Au length: 710 mm
Test Tube Nº7
Quantity: 1 hair
Place: computer keyboard
Hour: 9:25 am
Hair length: 300 mm
Au length: 300 mm
Test Tube Nº8
Quantity: 1 hair
Place: on my sweater
Hour: 10:15 am
Hair length: 450 mm
Au length: 450 mm

Test Tube Nº9
Quantity: 1 hair
Place: between the coins while buying a coffe
Hour: 11 am
Hair length: 120 mm
Au length: 120 mm
Test Tube Nº10
Quantity: 2 hairs
Place: between my fingers, while caressing my hair during thinking
Hour: 12:13 am
Hair length: 820 mm
Au length: 820 mm
Test Tube Nº11
Quantity: 5 hairs
Place: hair rubber band
Hair length: 540 mm
Au length: 540 mm
Test Tube Nº12
Quantity: 1 hair
Place: on my desk
Hour:2:05 pm
Hair length: 460 mm
Au length: 460 mm

Test Tube Nº13
Quantity: 2 hairs
Place: on the carpet
Hour: 2:49 pm
Hair length: 750 mm
Au length: 750 mm

Test Tube Nº14
Quantity: 2 hairs
Place: in my bag
Hour: 4:14 pm
Hair length: 810 mm
Au length: 810 mm
Test Tube Nº15
Quantity: 1 hairs
Place: between my pencils
Hour: 6:10 pm
Hair length: 520 mm
Au length: 520 mm
Test Tube Nº16
Quantity: 1 hair
Place: on the kitchen table
Hour: 8:10 pm
Hair length: 560 mm
Au length: 560 mm
Test Tube Nº17
Quantity: 10 hairs
Place: on the broom after sweeping the floor
Hour: 8:45 pm
Hair length: 4.620 mm
Au length: 4.620 mm
Test Tube Nº18
Quantity: 3 hairs
Place: in my bed
Hour: 11:12 pm
Hair length: 1.320 mm
Au length: 1.320 mm