A simple fact of life that María Ignacia Walker obsesses over: The shedding of hair.
The obsession - losing them, collecting them, ordering them, measuring them and archiving them.  The desire - to preserve these losses - It gives rise to “transcendieron”.

The discourse is not about beauty and it is not about sensuality, not even about cultural symbols that hair carries.

How much hair do you lose constantly, everyday?
How many pieces grow out of your body and die every moment?

“The transcendents” are a homage to the moments when you lose your hair.

Captured and immortalized in the fragility of the porcelain, they give perpetuity and freeze all their expression in the moment of their detachment from the body.

With a threading method, the artist uses horsehair as connectors. They show the lightness, energy and freedom, while demonstrating the real, natural movement of the hair.

Together with the act of keeping and protecting the hair in a porcelain form, they are given another life that keeps them present through their absence.


Porcelain / Horsehair / Resin / Gold thread / Gold


Marcos Bucco / Lucy Clark Plato